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Organize its suppliers and customers during the process of assignmdnt and collaboration, supplement resources and share demand information. The group maintains its own network of branches all over the Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, provide daily trucking to Malaysia and weekly continue reading to Brunei, at the same time, accept both loose cargo load LCL and full container load TCL. Going over to selling perspective with growth in e-commerce and china with greater population base B2C shipping of products stimulates huge demand of Air Assignment masters assignment master Carriers in China and also across other parts of the world. Theres a few type of business will be; sole proprietor, general partnership, limited partnership, regular corporation or non-corporation, limited liability company. Retailer Retail is a process that involves the sale of consumer goods or services to customers through various distribution channels to gain the profit.

Introduction This is to research the Group operation and business, and discuss how to develop a supply chain as well as solution methods for customers in local industries and the Asian region to help achieve their potential. The Hock Cheong group started from delivering and distributing the Straits Times newspapers, movie films thesis statement trailers.

Now expanded scope of goods supply for the group, such as engineering products, electronic goods, thus have international logistics assignment better development of integrated logistics services. Read more are one-stop integrated logistics services, related value-added services and warehouses are provided by the Hock Cheong group in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

The logistics internationzl have been international logistics assignment in various unique industry, publishing houses, the computer industry and heavy industry. Mission Provide fast and reliable door-to-door services for customers through competitive rates in Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore. The Group has been involved in value-added services for manufacturers and importers that include national freight consolidation, small parcels delivery, re-labelling, insertion of warranty cards and niternational manuals, shrink-wrap and promotional packaging, customer returns management, and document management services.

The group maintains its own network of branches all assigmment the Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, provide daily trucking to Malaysia and weekly shipping to Brunei, at the same time, accept both loose cargo load LCL and full container load Just click for source. The group will assigbment its business to provide warehousing, distribution and freight forwarding services in the ASEAN region through strategic partners.

The group is seeking to expand its services beyond Southeast Asia, and becoming internagional truly global company. Competitors of the Hock Cheong Group Positive business created a good business environment for the Hock Cheong Group in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, but also created the incentive competition.

Many local and international companies source also provide logistics services to invest heavily on logistics and supply chain services, such as FedEx, DHL, City-Link. They had enough advantage to compete with the Hock Cheong, so as to occupy logisfics market share. Assignmeent, the company must expand their businesses, and provide a comprehensive supply continue reading solution to improve logistics services for international clients.

For instance, win-win solution that is using by the Hock Cheong Group help increase their competitive to obtain assign,ent customer satisfaction through undertake all or part of your supply chain management activities. Challenges of the Group 5. When there are all types of supply chain vulnerability is existed, especially operates a global supply chain. David, J In addition, there are different speeds of the logistics development in different countries.

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The Hock Cheong shipping products to other countries or regions, or in order to faster response their customers, establish supply chains and warehouses in other countries or regions, the company must solve all the problems that face in those countries through different strategies, business, law and culture. Logistics progress of Malaysia also cannot keep pace with assjgnment growth of its learn more here. On the other hand, The Hock Cheong Group lacks of trained logistics talents to manage the supply chain in Malaysia.

Harlina Suzana Jaafar Therefore, the freight operator usually do not have basic training in logistics, and link from their experiences, thus they are not actively providing solutions for customers.

The more exporting process occur on the country will represent that country are expert in producing of goods or product and management on internatiinal. The raw material supplied by the supplier should be sent to the manufacturer. Enhance domestic warehouse close liaison with the overseas warehouse through the use of social media and information sharing. Many of the costs associated with reverse logistics are hidden that make the cost are international logistics assignment. Fundamentals of Logistics.

However, price of oil is still rising, as shown in the following figure 2. Prices of oil distinctly rise, but not a predictable pattern. The Hock Cheong Group want better service international logistics assignment Asia, logishics well as becoming a global logistics provider, click the following article develop 3PL and establishes partnerships with other suppliers of assignmfnt.

International logistics assignment addition to expanding and sustaining the business of the Group, it also needs to create their own inetrnational in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. Therefore, the Hock Cheong Group have to provide a total supply chain solutions to restructure its business, help the company to become a member of the international logistics industry. Total supply chain solutions are good for logistics enterprise's business development and simplify.

It will help the group to improve the operation and management of the supply chain, and improve service levels, reduce the bad choices, reduce inventory, shorten lead times, and obtain economic cost. Total supply chain logisticcs of the Hock Cheong Group as follow: 6. Using advanced technology to optimize the whole logistics process, lead to distribution is done faster, and make The Hock Cheong won their speed of development within a reasonable time and reasonable places.

More local and overseas warehouses article source be established in The Hock Cheong to improve efficiency of shipping goods to the customer, to ensure delivery within the shortest delivery times. Improve warehouse management system by advanced science and technology.

Set up automated warehouse management system, to reduce the cost of time and errors. Enhance domestic warehouse close liaison with the overseas warehouse through the use of social media and information sharing. Increase power that is in sea, air, assugnment and truck for the Hock Cheong in both the national and the international.

Design of new business processes with truly global 3PL organization will computer science project operational performance in the Hock Cheong, lead to its earnings growth in global business. Rogers, D et al It includes disposing hazardous substances, obsolete equipment and returned products because of destroy, seasonal inventory, recall and excess inventory.

The Group implements and assignment high efficiency of logistics materials, low-cost movement of work, in process inventory, finished goods for meeting customer demand through reverse logishics programs.

In a certain sense, reverse logistics is also a green movement planning. Others strategies for improving supply chain of the Hock Cheong 7.

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Womack et al. Wikipedia In the agile strategy, the Hock Cheong enhances flexibility and international competitiveness. Agile strategy also helps the Hock Cheong enable fast response to orders. Fabbe-Costes, N. Pagell, M. Tutuncu, O. Zhao, X et al External integration includes customer integration and supplier integration. Organize its suppliers and customers during the process of interaction and collaboration, supplement resources and share demand information. Supply chain integration help the Hock Cheong Group connect to multiple providers, different platforms, applications and data formats.

SAP Successful collaboration depends on trust and willingness between organization and its partner, includes all suppliers, outsourcing partners, customers and service providers. Togar M. Collaboration performance system is as assignent in the figure 6. Collaboration help the Group overcome issues and challenges that they are facing, improve its supply chain management, conduce to better development of the Hock Cheong.

Reference Beatson, D. David J. The International Journal of Logistics Management, 19 2pp. Karen Hawks What is Reverse Logistics? Lambert, D. Fundamentals of Logistics. Mason, S. Journal of Operations Management, 22 5pp. Rogers, D.

International logistics assignment

International Journal of Management Perspectives, 1 1pp. Wang, F. Womack, J. Wikipedia Agile manufacturing.

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