How to respond to a rejected business proposal


How one deals with rejection differentiates an upstart agent from the winning salesperson. Do you look at rejection as a closed door? Or, can you see the cracks that hint at a start of a business relationship?

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Look at a sales rejection email as a positive. It continues your conversation with your prospect. It leaves open several ways to more info with your lead, find out the root of their objection and reframe the solution that you offer.

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Here are a few tips on how to reply to a rejection email. Rejection Email Response Strategy 1: Reframe Reframing your rejected pitch is a how to respond to a rejected business proposal like applying the filters that your prospect views your proposal with. It involves using the information offered by your prospect to restate your offer. When done correctly, you can make them see your product in a different light, without being too pushy or contradictory.

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You are practically saying the same thing except that, now you consider their viewpoint. Rejection email: We already work with your competitor, LinkedIn.

Closing the sale - How to deal with sales rejection

Let's say Richard has a Twitter account and two months from now, he posts a link to a new job opening that interests you. Dear [name], [You company] has given careful consideration to your offer click here [the product being pitched].

Your response: We use LinkedIn here at Facebook too. If you have ten minutes, I can explain this further. When this happens, take a step back and talk about the big picture instead. This does two things. You tespond the discussion towards something you and your prospect can agree on.

You also steer clear of issues that are unnecessary and difficult to resolve at this point in your conversation. Remember that you only need a how to respond to a rejected business proposal in the door.

  • Remember that you only need a foot in the door.
  • Being rejected can be devastating in every situation, be it a rejection from your prom date, or rejection from your dream college, it always puts a toll on you.
  • Top 5 Response Templates For After A Sales Or Bid Loss After a long and arduous process of submitting a bid or sales proposal, having the rejection letter come in can be a difficult pill to swallow.

When you get an agreement on something more general, you are engaging with your lead and keeping the conversation going. It is easier to get a time commitment this way.

How to respond to a rejected business proposal

Rejection email: A bucket of fried chicken is low in our priority list at this point because of our budget. Your response: I hw that fried chicken is low priority right now. This way, I can see if I can cook up see more that might interest you in the future.

It may start off as a negative, i.

However, it is a way to bridge the gap. Then, ask again for a time commitment.

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Rejection email: The solution that you offer is too complex for our needs. Right now, I am looking for something basic. Your response: We can customize our solutions packages to fit your basic requirements and budget.

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Dig deeper. It is not just about knowing the reason for the objection. You also try to get to know your lead better. When you know their situation and motivations, it is easier to make a counter offer. Plus, if they like you enough, you can get referrals too.


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