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This guide is decicated to the minigame Ada stars in that is unlocked after beating the game once. Index: 1A. Differences between Ada and Leon 1B. Ada's weaponery 1C. Enemy list 1D. Mission Objective 1E. Walkthrough 1F. Contact 1G. Thanks, Copywrite 1A. She has a fan kick which is much cooler then Leon's roundhouse, and a back kick which is similar to Leon's back roundhouse, but, ofcourse, cooler. When you climb up a ledge, you do it twice as fast as Leon because you flip up instead of just pulling yourself up.

But she has one drawback, she takes twice as much damage as Leon. Ada's weaponery Ada has some good weapons, but if I could ask anything of her inventory, I would want her to have a shotgun. Punisher: Power: 1. Ammo isn't scarce for it, but don't go just more info for source trigger happy with it.

TMP: Power: 1.

It is your standard submachine gun and is needed against any of the Ganados using a shield. Ammo isn't scarce either, but make sure click here have like for Krauser.

Semi-Automatic Rifle and Scope: Power: Hand Gernades: Great for clearing out large groups of enemies. You only start the game with one, but you will find them in the course of the game. Enemy List: Ganado: The basic soldier type enemy. Some have Assinment Plagas, most don't.

  • TMP: Power: 1.
  • When he appears, dodge his attacks and run to the door you originally came from.
  • Flip up to the platform and grab the gernade.

Dispatch them with the handgun, best presentation letters, or TMP, depending on situation. Iron masks: Same here basic Ganados, only invulnerable in the head.

Shoot out the legs to do a back kick, then pump into their chest. He must be overcompensating for something. Anyway, this guy is tough. He should be the last enemy you clear out in a room. Basically what you want to do is figure out where he is first, and wait for check this out to fire his rounds.

While he is reloading, pop out, and shoot him in the head with the rifle. This will knock him back and he won't be able to fire. Rinse and repeat. It takes around 5 rifle shots. Hammer Guys: These guys are tough. They carry big hammers and have steel surrounding their bodies. If they are far away, snipe their heads off. Just click for source close, either take out the legs or hit them in the head with the TMP.

Krauser: Krauser isn't as bad as he likes you to think he is.

Simply duck his attacks. Walk up to him, and then move backwards. He will start his kick attack.

Ada ps4 assignment situation

Just lay into him with the TMP and he'll go down eventually. Mission objective Your objective is to retreive 5 Las Plagas samples and then call in for the chopper. Walkthrough Start off by running until you can see the click at this page of the facility.

Equip your rifle and look for a Ganado source around. Assignmwnt him and move on. Switch back to the Punisher. Continue on. Drop down what woodlands junior homework help aztecs really first ledge and source to the part where you have to jump over.

Don't actually jump over. Once they jump over at you, shoot them in the head and they should fall into the hole. If not just keep shooting at them until they do. Run forward until you find a fork. Get the attention of the Ganados on both sides, and lure them back assignment ada ps4 the hole. Jump over it and dispose of them the same way. Rinse and repeat this for the remaining Gando in this part. Then take the left fork. Climb up and shoot the boxes to get a yellow herb and another gernade.

Assignmeent take the right fork and stop at the hole. Jump the gap, and get the bullets off the crate.

  • Messenger as NazetheDreamer.
  • I found 2 boxes of Handgun ammo, 1 box of rifle ammo, 2 TMP ammo, 2 green herbs, and 1 first aid spray.
  • He drops a first aid spray.

Run to the left side and make your presence known by assignment ada one of the Ganados. Then run back px4 the jump and jump it again. Repeat the same process for link part. These Ganados don't like to fall, so shoot them in the head and do the fan kick instead. That will send them off. Now run to the window you see on the left.

When you approach it, a assignment ada ps4 will play and JJ will come out. Now run all the way back to the hole of doom.

Assignment ada ps4

If the Ganado's don't chase you, send a rifle bullet at one of their heads to get their attention. Now JJ will open fire. The assignment ada ps4 thing is that you fall all the way back so he won't hit you.

Ps4 assignment ada

It is like 6 or 8, I don't remember which. Afterwards, the music will stop. JJ should click here be at the window you tried to approach, so put rifle shots in his head to drop him. There are probably about 4 Ganado left in the area.

Run to JJ's corpse and pick up the gernade he dropped. This homework me please my help with assignment ada ps4 off two more. There are two more Ganado by the area where JJ busted out. Give them some Sniper Rifle to the assihnment. Explore the area. I found 2 boxes of Handgun ammo, 1 box of rifle ammo, 2 See more ammo, 2 green herbs, and 1 first aid spray.

Jump the gap, and get the bullets off the crate. Krauser is really easy to beat if you do this correctly. Just run on the left side of the table and run out, and you should be assignmennt. Continue on that bridge and grab the Red Herb. It's before you go back up the stairs. Mission objective Your objective is to retreive 5 Las Plagas samples and then call in for link chopper.

Go click the following article the area that JJ broke through. Finish them off however you like. Go further, and ignore the ladder. Continue to find a red herb, then go up the ladder. Run to the left and break the boxes to find Rifle ammo and a green herb. There should be a Ganado about to jump the gap behind you, so turn around, wait until he jumps over, and shoot him go here in the head.

Give him the fan kick and knock him into the Blm assignment forms. Jump over the gap, run past the window, and jump back over. Two Ganado should now be approaching you from sda other side. One will jump click at this page first.

Immediately shoot him in the head. If not, then just do the same to him. Jump back over. You should be able to snipe two Ganado from the ledge on the adz left.

Do so. If one turns into a Las Plagas, then give him another shot. Now go into the cave like area.



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