Research gap in literature review example


Once you identify the gap in the literature, you must tell your audience how you attempt to at least somewhat address in your project assignment paper lack of knowledge or understanding. In a journal article or poster, this is often done in a new paragraph and should be accomplished in one summary statement, such as: Therefore, the purpose of this study was to determine the effects of lead on the hepatobiliary system, especially on the liver and on the gallbladder adapted from Sipos et al.

Adapted from Monthioux et al.

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However, the practical application of this model is limited because of the complex numerical solutions required. Adapted from Lecoanet, Bottero, and Wiesner : A risk assessment of the potential impacts research gap in literature review example health and environment that the production, use, and disposal continue reading nanomaterials may engender requires information concerning both the potential for exposure to a given material and its once exposed click impacts such as toxicity or mutagenicity.

Test yourself In the following examples, identify the gap statement.

It is challenging to achieve a successful review on all these fronts. This is probably researcj good time to decide whether to go for a mini- or a full review. It is important to keep in mind, however, that just because you identify a gap in the research, it doesn't necessarily mean that your research question is worthy of exploration. Discusses methodological issues in achieving aim. Literature Review of Relevant Research The overall goals of this chapter were firstly to establish the significance of the general field of study, then identify a place where a new contribution could be made.

Then, identify the fill. Notice if there are any specific words or phrases used to signal either of these moves.

  • This may be necessary to some extent, but in this case a focused review would only deal in detail with those studies at the interface between epidemiology and the spread of ideas.
  • Establishes a reason for this chapter and states the purpose.
  • However, a general introduction of the context and, toward the end, a recapitulation of the main points covered and take-home messages make sense also in the case of reviews.

Adapted from Costa, Robertson, and Quilliam : Paralytic shellfish poisoning occurs worldwide, and harmful algal blooms, including those responsible for PSP, appear to be increasing in frequency and intensity. PSP outbreaks in Portuguese waters have been associated with blooms of Gymnodinium caenatum in the late s to early s, then again after According to the tap monitoring program in Portugal, G.

Example in literature research gap review

The aims of this study were to fully characterize the toxin profile of G. Ultimately this process leads to the production of a scrambled mixture of porphyrins.

Research gap in literature review example

Adapted from Pukhov and Meyer-ter-Vehn : In the present paper, article source focus on laser wake field acceleration in a new, highly non-linear regime. In the present relativistic regime, one should notice that the plama wave fronts are curved and first break new the wave axis and for lower values than the plane-wave visit web page.

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This has been studied in 2D geometry in []. Here, we present this web page PIC simulations of two representative cases.

The case I is just marginally above and the case II is far above the breaking threshold. But where is the gap? We have to look closely at what exactly is being said.

Thus, the gap statement is not explicit. It is a combination of stating that this concept has been studied in 2D, followed by announcement that the authors will study it in 3D.

Underline the gap statement and circle the gap fill. This might point to a gap statement. What did the authors try to accomplish in the paper, in summary? This might point to a fill.


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