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Louise Article source 6. Specifically, it focused on plays written by three of the biggest names in Philippine drama: Alberto Florentino, Wilfrido Ma.

Guerrero, and Severino Montano. This study also sought to describe the linguistic read article or processes that may have taken place, and thesis conclusion sample pdf these imply about the dynamics of English in the Philippines.

Each entry was then classified based on its source language e. Spanish, Tagalog, etc. Dictionaries and other references were consulted to help determine the source languages and to describe the meanings of these entries.

  • Conclusion The purpose of this study was to examine and determine ….
  • Notably, it was found that some of the kinship terms are used not only to address relatives, but also people who are not related to the speaker.
  • Some move-based research has explored the organization of certain chapters of M.

For each category, key findings and observations pdf also drawn, leading to the following summary of the linguistic and sociocultural features of the said entries. This can be attributed to the fact that the Philippines was colonized by Spain for over years, which has led to the extensive borrowing of numerous words, including kinship terms, food and culinary terms, currency, read article many more.

Similarly, there were also plenty of borrowings from Tagalog, a language that is widely used in the country. Terms borrowed from Chinese, meanwhile, included food lugaofootwear bakiasand a popular pastime mahjong. Aside from these, there were also terms from two languages that are native to the Philippines: Ilocano bag bag and Ifugao Lubok. Moreover, there were entries classified as Philippine English blusils, carabao, jeepneywhich have meanings that are unique sammple Filipino users.

Thesis conclusion sample pdf

Notably, the presence of all of these borrowings in the text indicate varying levels of contact among the languages mentioned. Table These numbers could be an indication of the importance or relevance of these categories in Philippine society. Categories pertain to people and relationships listings saskatoon.

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Interestingly, some of the Spanish borrowings have undergone changes from their original forms to the ones that were used in the plays. The terms abuelo grandfather and abuela grandmother have been shortened to lolo and lola, respectively. Notably, the use of Spanish and and English affixes can also thesiis observed among some Tagalog entries. For example, the Tagalog term pasikat, which is gender-neutral, becomes distinctively masculine through the addition of the Spanish suffix -ero SpanishDict.

Meanwhile, another Tagalog word, kuripot, takes the English suffix -s in order to become a plural noun, kuripots misers. Changes in meaning. Notably, it was found that some of the kinship terms are used not only to address relatives, but also people who are not related to the speaker. The terms ate older sister and kuya older brother click at this page used to address older female and male friends, respectively.

Likewise, the terms lola thedis and lolo grandfather are used to address elderly women and men who are not related to the speaker. For instance, the term padre, which is used in Spanish to refer to a biological father or a priest, is used in the Philippines as a link for priests only.

As mentioned earlier, gender distinction cover letter for cv lawyer have been brought about by the influence of the Spanish language on the Sample pdf. On the other hand, service-type jobs are usually done by female characters: concluwion housemaidlavandera laundry womantendera vendortaquillera ticket seller. A distinction is also made regarding the ages of the speaker and the addressee in some entries.

A gui g fo e pe i e tal fa t i s ie e: A stud of esearch article results sections in Thesis conclusion sample pdf. Such an investigation will also respond to the need for more studies and investigation on the texts generated by students Dudley-Evans, ; P. Learn more here results from this study have some pedagogical implications for teaching novice Vietnamese writers on how to properly compose this genre. Exploring the contexts of writing: Interviews with Ph.

An older brother, for instance, is called Kuya or Kuyang. The term Kuya is also used in addressing a male who is not related to the speaker, such as the older brother of a friend. Similarly, the term Manang is used to address an older woman, while Lola is used to refer to an elderly female, even if she is not related to the speaker. These show that politeness and respect in addressing elders is important in Philippine culture.

In a Guerrero play, for instance, a woman is described as the ninang godmother of her ahijada goddaughterwho recently died. Meanwhile, in a Florentino play, a young man addresses an older man that he just met as manong. Social status. Notably, a Florentino play clearly marks the difference between a datu chief and a maharlika free manterms which were used during the early Philippine social system.

For instance, characters are proud of being an abogado lawyer and an encargada person in charge. On the other hand, being a muchacha housemaidtendera vendoror cargador baggage carrier is looked down upon. Even the food that people eat and the clothes they wear are used in the plays to imply a distinction between the rich and the poor. A wealthy character, for example, would speak of preparing lechon roasted pig or lechon kawale fried pork for an important visitor.

A couple of entries, however, are used specifically by people groups who come from the northern part of the Philippines. The terms Kabunyan and Lubok are deities worshipped by the Igorots and Tingians, respectively. Likewise, the exclamations sus, sus maria, and susmariajosep are derived from the names Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. The lexical items in the plays reveal concepts and objects that are unique to Philippine culture, such as food, flora, household items, and even superstitious beliefs.

Like conclusion sample pdf thesis

This web page for measuring rice, which is a staple in every Filipino meal, are also included: ganta three cubic literscavan one sackand oyones tesis sacks. Other flora that are included in the plays are fruits: calamansi a small, green citrus fruitlakatan a variety of banana ; and vegetables: ampalaya bitter gourdtalong eggplantand saluyot jute.

Several plays are based more info the lives of people and events that have become part of Philippine national history. On the other hand, Florentino was born visit web page two decades later than the other two playwrights.

Similarly, numerous terms were also borrowed from Tagalog, which is widely spoken in the country.

A distinction is also made regarding the ages thesis conclusion sample pdf the speaker and the addressee in some entries. The nursing students should be exposed in obstetrics ward, and should be given comprehensive lectures on topics involving high risk pregnancies. Next, the chapter has also drawn out xonclusion implications for pedagogical issues in terms of teaching spoken discourse which can be applied in teaching practice afterwards.

On the other hand, lexical items coming from other languages Latin, Chinese, Mexican, etc. Similarly, changes in meaning also occur. Some words expand their meanings, while others undergo narrowing of meanings. There is also a disparity between male and female characters in thesix of jobs, as white collar jobs are usually held by males, whereas blue collar jobs are typically held by females. These sampls reflected in kinship terms, terms of address that characters use; even the food they eat and the clothes they wear imply a distinction between social classes.

This phenomenon reflects the importance of politeness and respect shown to elders in the Philippine culture. Researches may also compare the data gathered in this study to materials written in earlier or later times. Researchers could also dig deeper into the role of gender, age, social status, and the manner of depiction in the texts. Greater concentration can also be given to the social milieu that led to the creation of Philippine literature in English, particularly drama.

As English continues to be widely used in the country and in the world, studies of click nature would help to further understand the dynamics of the English language as it comes into contact with other languages.

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