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Digital Education Review, 28, However, do not make any decision without a thorough investigation of the possibilities. For example, the respondent is asked to indicate his degree of agreement or disagreement with a given state- ment. Such flexibility in processing will result only from real understanding of processes and reactors.

Creative In this paper, I discuss the PhD methodology, results and how to write a Education, 10, As thus, this paper summarises the var- This work is licensed under the Creative ious steps of thesis methodology, results and conclusion writing to pilot the Commons Attribution International License CC BY 4. PhD students. Additionally, in this paper, methodology writing tech- Open Access niques, procedures and important strategies are enlightened in a simple manner.

Results and conclusions are also discussed in detail, so that PhD candidates can follow the guide conclusioon. This paper has 5 parts such as Introduction, Literature reviews, Methodology, Results and Conclusion. Faryadi 1. The PhD Research Process 1. This section I have already discussed in the previous publi- cation. Next, the question that should come to your mind is: HOW am I going to conduct my research so that I can resolve the problem?

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rsearch You should also ask WHY you want to make the investigation. What is the theoretical basis for in- vestigating the research problem? You need to plan a research design and a roadmap so that you can proceed with your study scientifically. The most im- portant section of your research design is the methodology. As a researcher, you need to distinguish between methodology research conclusion sample pdf method.

Different studies re- quire different methodologies. For example, in a research on human feelings, the methodology used might be Triangulation, i.

Understanding the research terminologies is crucial in order to com- prehend the meaning of research and their applications so that the PhD candi- dates conduct their investigations successfully. The followings are some useful and selected terminologies and their meanings: Variables: When something is a variable, it is not consistent but is prone clnclusion change, for example, age, height, weight, and research conclusion sample pdf. These attributes take dif- ferent values among people.

When conducting your research, you must under- stand and measure your variables that can bring changes in your experimental investigation. research conclusion sample pdf

Research conclusion sample pdf

These are all judge- ments based upon our own preferences, indicators or assessment. Because these explain more info or preferences, the basis on which they are made may vary mar- kedly from conclusikn to person.

There is no uniform yardstick with which to measure them. When people express these feelings or preferences, they do so because of cer- tain criteria in their minds, or in relation seems meaning of assignments amusing their expectations.

In other words, a concept that can be measured is called a variable. Faryadi different research conclusion sample pdf. Putting see more redundantly, a variable is something that varies.

Dependent and independent variables: These are research paper argumentative essays in the experimental field. Whatever changes happen to a dependent variable, it is because of an in- dependent variable.

For instance, you want to develop a multimedia learning courseware, and continue reading want to test its effectiveness in your class. In layman language, it is cause and effect. A change or a cause is an independent variable while its reseadch or effects are the dependent variables. Causation: When you are investigating, reserch will notice changes in your sam- ple or subject before and after an experiment.

For instance, if it is found that ab- sentee students form the largest group of failures, we can conclude that absen- teeism is the cause of failure. Correlation: This refers to a relationship between two variables. You want to measure the variable that is the cause of a change. Once you notice a change in one variable, then you can presume how another will change. For instance, you note that hard working students always pass their exams with flying colours.

On the other hand, those who are not hard working always perform badly in their exams.

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There is thus a positive correlation between hard work and success. Pre-test: In research when you want to more info an experimental study, you have two groups of students. To know their actual and existing knowledge, you should administer a preliminary test to determine their base knowledge before experiment. Post-test: This test is administered to students after completion of an experi- ment to evaluate their achievement after experiment.

Random sample: When you need a certain number of participants for a sur- vey or experimental study, opting for a random sampling implies that all mem- bers of the target population have an equal chance of being selected. Your study is considered reliable when other researchers repeat it and obtain similar results.

Sampling: You must decide how to select a small but representative portion of the target population. Triangulation: This method mixes three methodologies, viz. It is vital to choose a methodology that is appro- priate for your research. According to Thompsonin research, it is better to use both eyes rather than one. Studies have also indicated that a mixed methodology design leads the researcher to understand the research problem better Hanson et al.

In Observa- tion method, you observe your sample and listen to their conversations. Useful Tipsin Writing Your Research Methodology Choose your coonclusion based on the type of research you are conducting. In- stitute a clear affiliation between your study and your methodology. Ask yourself whether this methodology will facilitate finding answers to your research ques- tions.

Go here meaningful reasons for choosing your methodology e. Most importantly, are you comfortable with the re- search methodology that you resarch chosen? As evident from the above discussion, there are many types of research me- thodologies when conducting a scholarly investigation.

Here I will explain the commonly used methods in social science. This method makes it easier for other researchers to repeat your experiment research conclusion sample pdf study to test its reliability. Hence, the researcher using this method of investigation has to have scholarly judgement and interpretation. It is based on face to face tesearch as well as phone interviews, group discus- sions, behavioural related enquiries, observations, and video conferencing.

Faryadi PhD candidate must take note. Unfortunately, reserach of the PhD candidates find it difficult to finish their thesis on time because of confusion and lake of ex- pertise in writing the methodology for their research. Most of them in deed do not know how to write the methodology correctly, scientifically and how to ana- lyse them properly.

As thus, this investigation is truly helpful for the PhD source didates in particular and for the researchers in general. Objectives 1 To assist PhD candidates to understand what is methodology all about.

The PhD Thesis Process I have already discussed PhD thesis problem statement, introduction, objectives and literature review in the previous publications. Research Methodology See more methodology applied in this research was descriptive as it discusses and de- scribes the various parts of methodology writing process and explains the how to do of them in a very simple and understanding language Faryadi, Descriptive method is very useful in providing basic summaries of the chapters Al-Raqqad et al.

The followings are the process of PhD essays for ielts download writing process parts of methodology. Research Design Process Research design refers to the way you establish a road map to conduct your re- search.

What type of strategy will you adopt to integrate all the parts of your in- vestigation? It is all about the organization and structure of your study. You need to decide on the type of design you will use, such as expe- rimental, descriptive, exploratory and so on. In other words, your research de- sign is the outline of your study.

Although research designs may differ from one discipline to another, a gener- al road map should include the following: 1 Topic of research 2 Research problem, questions and hypotheses 3 Review of current literature 4 Theoretical framework or methodology 5 Data collection this web page testing if check this out DOI: Population and Sampling When researcg wish to conduct an investigative study, it is vital pcf identify the target population and the size of your sampling.

Sampling means that you take an ap- propriate portion of your population that can represent your ocnclusion without bias. A good sampling indicates that you have selected an adequate number that is representative of the target population statistically so that you can make in- formed conclusions about your results conclusjon on the collected data.

It is some- times thought that the larger the sample, the better the results and more accurate the outcome. However, this may not necessarily be true. In research, write research plan must contend with likelihood and probabilities. Statistics will determine how accurate your sample is in representing the target population.

Statistics will indicate read more likely you can get more accurate results by growing the size of your sample. There are times that just click for source should stop searching for more answers.

We should avoid wasting time and resources unnecessarily trying to measure a huge sample of the target population. Indeed, a very large sample is not as important as your research questions and questionnaires in your search for answers. A huge sample cannot convert your bad data into good ones.

In fact, the use of appropriate sta- tistical software will dictate how much is too much. Remember, less is more. You can get a reliable statistician to help you. How Do You Calculate Samples? You want only the average age from a sample of the target popu- lation.

Conclusions, Limitations, Recommendations and Further Work in Master's Dissertations

Always start with specific issues, i. Do not pose big questions that might take a lifetime to answer. According, the panel recommends: The Plasma Processing Program should be dedicated in part to the development of plasma process expert systems.

Now you do a simple calculation: Ask your 6 students about their ages and then add all their ages, divide them by your sample size, i. You will get the average or the mean of your population in the class. Take note that the objective of selecting an appropriate sample is visit web page make sure that you are selecting a sample that is as representative as possible link the rest of the target population.

In research, always avoid human errors such as bias and discrimina- tion. One of the difficulties of sampling is deciding on the sample size.


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