Photoshop selection tools assignment


Save the file and open it in Photoshop. These are the selection tools. Photoshop selection tools assignment are grouped together. We are going to use all of them for this project.

Some of them will be much easier than the others. But it is really important to try click all. The first group of selection tools is called "Marquee Tools".

  • You are going to make an ear out of it.
  • Save the pictures dog.
  • Then look at the Option bar.

Rectangular and elliptical marquee tools will let you make rectangular or circular selections. Single row and Single column tools will let you select a row that is 1 pixel high or a column that is 1 pixel wide. Select the Elliptical Marquee tool. We are going to select a circle.

To make a round selection you just click and drag the cursor over the area that you want to select. Try it. If you want to start your selection from the center - hold Option Alt button.

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Try it!!! Select it. The next step is to move the blueberry over the carrot slice.

Save all of the original images in your non-public space. Hold Option Alt link. Place the cursor next to a corner of the bounding box. I will be grading you on the detail of your selections.

Move tool is for moving! Select the Move tool.

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Place it inside your selection. Do link see the cursor assignmemt to scissors? By using this tool right now you are cutting the blueberry out of the background in order to reposition it.

Drag the selection over the photoshop selection tools assignment slice. Selction your blueberry is still selected, you can adjust its position with a mouse or using the arrow keys on the keyboard Once you deselect it - it it permanently embedded into click image.

Double-click the Hand Tool. Use the Move tool to drag the carrot over the melon. It looks like an eye Let's add the second eye. It is important photoshop selection tools assignment your carrot is still selected.

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Asignment is a way in Photoshop to duplicate selections and move them at the same time. Choose the Move tool. Place the cursor inside "photoshop selection tools assignment" selection carrot. Hold Option Alt key. See a small plus sign? Keep holding it javascript array assignment. Now drag you carrot selection to create another eye.

Position the second slice. You are going to select it with the Magic Wand. Select photoshop selection tools assignment tool. Magic Wand selects the pixels that are of a similar color. It works better to select objects that are of a uniform color. Then look at the Option bar. Set Tolerance to That means that the Magic Wand will select all pixels within the range sellection 50 shades darker than the initial color and 50 shades lighter than the initial color.

To set the initial color - click on the dark yellow area of the pear. All pixels that are within the range were selected. What about the light yellow part? The entire pear should be selected now.

Photoshop selection tools assignment

Double-click on the Hand Tool to view the entire image. Choose Move Tool. Drag the pear over the melon. Looks like a nose? You are toold to select it. One way to go here is to use the Elliptical Marquee Tool.

You are going to ohotoshop Quick Selection Tool. This tool is a cross between Magic Wand and a Brush Tool. It selects as you move it around. You can change the size of it in the Option bar. I chose size 8. Now place it assignmeng the kiwi and click, hold the mouse and move the cursor over the green area.

Don't hold it too long - it will select too much. If it did not work right - deselect and start over. Move the kiwi over the melon use Move Tool. The next tool to use is Lasso Tool. Lasso is a freehand selection tool. You can draw your own selection.

Place it inside your selection. The CC is a an internet movement that helps selectiob share their work and creators like you to adapt or remix their work, making a richer content environment for all. Once photoshop selection tools assignment click to see more on the Magic Wand Tool, make sure the value for Tolerance is more than 0 up in the Alternatives Bar -- somewhere around would be good. Underneath your image, include your attributions and image links. They are grouped together.

Photoshop selection tools assignment select mushroom draw the selection around it. Try to stay close to the shape. But if you don't - not a big deal. We'll fix it. Remember - drawing your own selection assiignment you need to return to your start point. Selection is a closed shape. So you need to end at your start point.

You are going to use This web page Lasso Tool. It is similar to Lasso Tool. It also allows you to "draw" the selection, but Magnetic Lasso will snap to the edges of the objects that you draw. Actually, it snaps to the biggest contrast between the colors values.

Usually, the biggest contrast is the edge of an object vs. This is what you do: 1. Start dragging the tool outlining the top part of the shape. Read article at the bottom right corner. Double-click at the bottom right corner. It will close the selection with a straight assignmet. Move the selection towards the melon. You are going to make an ear out of it.

Inside the bounding box is a Rotation point. Think about it as a pin that holds the shape. If you rotate the shape the pin would stay where it is now.

You can move the Rotation point within the shape or outside the shape. Place the cursor next photsohop a corner of the bounding box. The cursor should phottoshop a double-headed arrow. To resize the shape drag a corner of the box.


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