Ma thesis in linguistics


Vak Admission requirements Students can start work on their thesis once they have earned at least 20 ec for MA assignment business plan. The thesis needs to be written under im supervision of a here affiliated with the LUCL Leiden University Centre for Linguistics and evaluated by the supervisor and a second reader selected by ma ma thesis in linguistics in linguistics supervisor.

Check with your tbesis s for guidelines regarding format of thesis lay-out and visit web page of bibliographic references. While they read it, make sure all Graduate School procedures are understood and being followed. You still need only 30 total hours to graduate. This exam report form is distinct from ma thesis in linguistics one that is filled out by the MA comps committee when evaluating your comprehensive exam. April 1, first year second semester in program : Obtain the agreement of your major advisor as to the topic and methods. This is very important.

Students are free to choose their supervisor and suggest a thesis topic. In case of doubt, students can always consult the coordinator of studies.

Applied Linguistics Research: Language Exchanges

A second reader is chosen by the supervisor. At this point, clear agreements should be made concerning the supervision procedure.

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Before a motivated research question can be formulated, the student first has to do preparatory reading. Submitting the Thesis Proposal Once the student has selected a topic, formulated a research question and put together read article provisional bibliography, the Thesis Proposal form can be completed see Thesis Proposal form.

Ma thesis in linguistics

The Thesis Proposal form should include the title of the thesis and a description of click the following article topic. The Board will then inspect the thesis proposal to ensure that it is of an appropriate academic level.

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Research and Writing Students should start out by formulating a clear plan for the structure of the thesis, in consultation with their supervisor. Only then can they begin writing.

Questions of style will only become relevant at a later stage. Keep in mind that information see more may not "ma ma thesis in linguistics in linguistics" first be included in the thesis might be go here later on, e.

Handing in the Thesis It linguisitcs advisable to hand in the chapters of the thesis one by one and solicit comments from the supervisors.

Once the thesis is approved by both supervisors, the final version can be printed one copy for each supervisor. An electronic version should be sent to the coordinator of studies.

  • The Schedule Work backwards.
  • Expect to do some revising between now and the date when you will give the document to the whole committee.
  • Your thesis will be submitted electronically ; the signed title page is also submitted.

Check with your supervisor s for guidelines regarding format of thesis lay-out and style of bibliographic references.


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