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Africa has been sucked in too. Naturally this increases the speed of business and employees at all levels are facing the need for adaptation in a bid to maintain sustainability and development. Work settings are bound to change regularly, and employees find themselves increasingly assuming new roles, often with limited direction. Employees at times find themselves under pressure to make their own decisions promptly and responsibly, then justify themselves to superiors afterwards.

These decisions have to be good ones. If they fall short, then business suffers. The question is; have companies trained their employees to make decisions that are sound? These challenging business environments require leaders to be aggressive in their planning in order to make their entities relevant competitive. Business leaders also have the responsibility to promote sustainable development. In this respect, Corporations are impelled to change ways of conducting business in order to stay competitive, relevant and maintain sustainability.

Businesses are increasingly appropriating and harnessing technology to achieve their developmental goals. We argue that businesses will do well by embracing cognitive technologies in the form of improved communication and critical thinking. The paper is divided into four sections. The first attempts to define what critical thinking in a challenging world. The second critical thinking in management pdf why CTS are important to the business leaders — particularly to managers and company executives.

The third assesses the impact of cascading CTS to lower level employees. Although several definitions can be thrown about, it generally stands for activities meant to promote the good life.

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It is common to talk of economic or socio-cultural development OECD,pp. Sen observes that there was a time when development was considered a fierce battle. Sen,p. Sen acknowledges that there has been a change in the conception of economic development with emphasis placed on human capital Sen,p.

  • However, there are things that get in the way of simple decision making.
  • Keywords: Critical Thinking, Decision Making.
  • Design thinking.

A correlative to this is the issue of sustainability, which has always been associated with promoting the good life while respectful of mwnagement environment Hardi,pp. Conversely, actions that reduce the ability of future generations to meet their own needs should be avoided Hardi,p. While it is desirable to produce goods that are needed in day to day life, it is required that the means of doing so ought to be amenable to environment protection as well as keeping a futuristic gaze and factor in the welfare of succeeding generations.

Thus, sustainable development is a matter of design Hardi,p. There is need critical thinking in management pdf strike a balance between environmental concern continue reading socio-economic demands Hopwood,p.

Hopwood and others accept that there are many approaches to thinkijg development Hopwood,pp. Five characteristics of sustainable development have been identified as follows: i equity, ii social justice, iii responsibility, iv respect for others and v recognition of bio- diversity. As the social front, for example, critical thinking in management pdf has been recognized as a vector for sustainable development in disseminating the values of equity, justice and sustainability in schools and colleges and universities Cebrian,p.

Baumgartner contends that sustainable development is a global and long-term challenge whose management is quite taxing Baumgartner,p.

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It is critical therefore to develop complex systems and knowledge to manage all this ibid. This paper focuses only on a single thread of the complex matrix of the critical thinking in management pdf economy. It probes how the development of human capital can promote sustainable development.

Today, most development thrusts are made by knowledge, either scientific or technical OECD,p.

The majagement associated with critical thinking are the frontal lobe of the cerebral cortex, which regulates decision making, problem solving, behavior, consciousness, and emotions; the primary sensory cortex, critical thinking in management pdf processes sensory information received from the body; the parietal lobes, which receive and process sensory information from the body and where letters from words and read article combine into thoughts; the temporal lobe is one of four parts of the cerebral cortex and involves emotions, memory, language, hearing, and learning National Institutes of Health, n. Was it before, during or after an important event? Perspectives of classroom management: Yesterday, Evidence-based practices in classroom management: Considerations today, and tomorrow. Assessing Sustainable Development: Principles in Practice.

Knowledge is now recognized as the engine that drives development ibid. This point is aptly captured by Duderstadt et. Confronted with these complex changes, the business world must not cringe and regard this as insurmountable critical thinking in management pdf. Instead, companies must interpret these developments as opportunities for their sustainability and community development Duderstadt,p. Now of the many changes listed above, we want to highlight how technology is driving this change.

Rocco et. Scientists are optimistic that the convergence and synergy of technologies are poised to benefit humanity in development.

Critical thinking in management pdf

Before this, the sciences have been developing separately in competition with one another and never integrated for the common purpose of benefiting humanity. Further, the authors contend that this movement presents immense advantages to people: CKTS allows society to click here questions and resolve problems that isolated capacities cannot, as well as create new competencies, technologies and knowledge on this basis.

Granted that these converging technologies are a feature of the 21st world order encapsulating economic development, their impact on the world of business is undeniable. Some researchers have lamented this development: Today, complexity and uncertainty are palpable. Planning for even the next quarter is a challenge. Even more difficult is committing to decisions critical thinking in management pdf will play out over one to five years. Horth,p. According to Frederick Ricci, critical thinking is required among managers and the teams of employees they lead to promote sustainability.

The ever changing world requires executives and managers to adapt and develop abilities and competencies to continuously practice critical thinking to prepare for such changes. Education offerings are available online for workers and for organizations, indicating return on investment. Curriculum Stud. Sustainability, Someone you know? Radiologic Technol.

Understanding key methods of critical thinking helps managers learn to address yhinking right problems, identify risks and make better decisions King, One may inquire what role mere critical thinkers would play in profit-making ventures. In this respect it is important for strategic planning and decision making Wang,p. Critical thinking allows one to see both sides of the coin. As Yildirim and Ozkaihraman contend: Critical thinking includes creative thinking, open-mindedness, inquisitiveness, and is not bounded by predefined standards and objectives.

Paul and Elder would place creative thinking and innovation into this class Paul, The importance of critical thinking as a basis for self-empowerment and design thinking are necessary toward growth and innovation in a socially networked global society. Executives need to cultivate critical thinking within their organizations to assure successful decision making occurs leading toward organizational advancement, go here measured in achievements or net profits Ricci,p.

They understand that some resources are more credible than others, and click rely on only the best information even if additional time and energy are required to identify it McDermott, Being educated simply put, is being adept to critical thinking.

While this might seem too obvious a point to warrant initiating this discussion, it seems that the development of critical thinking is being largely ignored in the actual practice of go here task Das,p. A lot of middle and top managers are involved in critical decision-making processes.

Thus, Business leaders must be critical thinkers and consequently have an obligation to create an enabling environment for their teams all in the interest of sustainability. ;df have emphasized on two kinds of leadership styles. On the one hand, leaders are expected to make choices in uncertain and go here changing conditions, to develop solutions or even new visions in the face of novel challenges, and to determine appropriate allocations of resources.

At the critica, time, the most successful leaders visit web page also able to manatement enthusiastic commitment, loyalty, and exceptional performance from other members of the group, rather than mere compliance Cohen, They click necessary sides of a coin.

Business leaders cannot produce spectacular goods and services source they do not plan for development nor create visions and decisions about their operations.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: Make Better Decisions ✓

On the other hand, they may not succeed without supportive teams of employees committed to the vision of the company Managementt, This involves competency and innovation. It is these see more maneuvers that Critical thinking and logic, in particular are poised to promote. It is only after such a process that we come to decide whether to accept a postulate, plan or suggested action Alfaro-LeFevre, The general goal of critical thinking is to managemsnt a person from dogma, superstition, and intellectual laziness, and this task demands a stringent, isolated effort of thought.

However, our worldviews influence how we construe the issues Facione, Confronted with an issue, more info people are mere spectators, others trust that things will work out in the end, whereas some are feelers, who rely on authorities above them; others are idiosyncratic and are skeptical about any lasting solution to any problem.

Lastly, click some are evaluators, who see in principle the possibility of developing criteria crktical rating some plans or positions as feasible or not; others are philosophical sages, who while granting that no knowledge is final, allows improvement, revision and continuous interpretation of information and gleaning for utility in all things Facione, Reasoning may focus on one argument at a time or proceeds from a number of personnel problem algorithm. An argument critical thinking in management pdf click at this page set of propositions that function as support or evidence, and another statement that is its conclusion, the point one is making at the end of the reasoning process.

Knowledge must be built up from empirical foundations e.

The fact of the critical thinking in management pdf is that business leaders and managers are a very significant group either as individuals or collectively. They need to be knowledgeable and open to innovation and creativity. They make critical thinking in management pdf impacts on the communities in which they are operating, hence the need to promote social responsibility.

They can promote healthy living, can make the workers like their work or loathe it.

Critical thinking in management pdf

However, their thinking is critical for success Smith,p. It goes without saying that managers need to be equipped and to continue to be trained to follow theoretical principles as well as practical steps as in decision-making. Only then can they take initiatives to equip junior staff with the same. Another approach is on the job training Krebs,p.

Every sector of business needs critical thinking to create dynamic and critical operations Slack,p. How CTS critical thinking in management pdf is conducted depends on the disposition of the organization to change. Forty-eight percent of jobs require very high levels of active listening, with reading comprehension, speaking and critical thinking following closely behind Carnevale. Teams need not compete for recognition but must be bound together by a sense of common purpose and rally their efforts to achieve common goals.

This is particularly true to the following departments - public relations, sales and marketing. However one often neglected area of critical performance is communication Finch,pp. We may begin this section by a quotation by Teece: Whenever a business enterprise is established, it either explicitly or implicitly employs a particular business model that describes the design or architecture of the value creation, delivery, and capture mechanisms it employs.

The essence of a business model is in defining the manner by which the enterprise delivers value to customers, entices customers to pay for value, and converts those payments to profit. The aspects of design, course charting and projection of possible profits are all important to the critical thinking project. It is no light matter to underline the fact that design is at the centre of business and its future Razzouk,pp.

Furthermore, it is only through innovation that businesses can maximize their maximum potential and contribute to development Bohemia, Teece underscores the role of logical thinking in these processes: A business model articulates the logic and provides data and other evidence that demonstrates how a business critical thinking in management pdf and delivers value to customers.



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